Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

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I look at the envelope in my hand excitedly. It is a card envelope, the kind the holds an invitation. I tear it open and find an invitation to a baby shower. Days later, I stand in the baby section of Wal-Mart, looking for inspiration. This was before gift registries were widely used, and I didn’t have the internet easily accessible. Now, years later, I usually don’t have the time to look on my friends’ baby registries. I am a busy mom with three young kids of my own. At least now, I know exactly what to get for expectant moms.

For anyone else who finds themselves in this position, here are my top ten baby shower gifts. They are divided in to my lower five best gifts and top five gifts.


Lower Five Baby Shower Gifts

10. Booboo Bunny – My mom used to make us bunnies out of washcloths for Easter, and a friend of mine had received one as a gift with a small removable ice pack inside. When your kids have a booboo, this is a fun way to cheer them up. Click the following link for instructions on how to make a booboo bunny:

9. Soap + Shampoo – Moms can always use baby bath soap. I prefer the soap + shampoo, because it makes bath time easier.

8. Baby Night Gowns – Even if your friend is expecting a boy, nightgowns make the nightly diaper changes faster and easier. No snapping up numerous snaps on their pajamas. If you can’t find the gowns, I recommend getting them regular pajamas with zippers. Zippers are a lot quicker than snaps.

7. Patterned Burp Cloths – Moms can always use more burp cloths – we go through them really fast. The ones with the patterns on them are really cute.

6. Diapers – And of course diapers, diapers, diapers! I recommend getting a larger size, for example, size 2 or 3, because babies go through the smaller sizes really fast. Don’t get any larger than size 3, because some kids are ready to potty train by the time they fit size 4 diapers.


Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

5. Dr. Brown Bottles – These bottles are supposed to be the best for creating no air bubbles for the baby.

4. T-shirt Bibs – These bibs cover more of your child’s front and they have no Velcro to wear out. If your child is really messy, like mine, you may also consider multi-pack child sized aprons from a craft store to cover their lap as well.

3. Baby Aquaphor – This brand is by far THE BEST for diaper rashes. Put it on before bedtime, and by morning the rash is gone.

2. Extra-large, thin blanket – I only have one blanket like this and I use it all of the time. It lasts as a baby outgrows their hospital blankets, and sometimes a baby only needs a thin blanket.

1. Automatic Breast Pump – A MUST HAVE for breastfeeding moms is an automatic (NOT manual) breast pump. Obviously your friend won’t expect you to spend $100-$200 for a gift, so the next best thing? A gift card that will go towards the cost of the pump. This allows mom to choose her own breast pump.



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