Matthews Photography


How do we benefit Daycares?

  • More Value to Your Daycare.Parents will appreciate the added service of picture day(s).
  • As a Local Business We Invest in the Community. We work with many parents and their children for the first time at Daycares, and continue to work with these families for many years. 
  • Referrals for Your Daycare. As we work with expectant parentsand families with young children,it is not uncommon to be asked about local Daycares. By working close with daycares and their staff, we have many opportunities to recommend daycares to parents.
  • Promotions. We can write on our blog about special events and promotions that you make upon request.

How does the process work?

  1. First we select a day, than we print posters announcing the date of Photo-day.
  2. A week before Photo-day we send home suggestion and permission slips.
  3. We come in either before closing the day before Photo-day, or the morning of Photo-day to set up the background and fun props. We bring in the lights and other equipment before we start photographing.
  4. We take 1-4 poses of each child. (if a child gets upset no worries we can photograph them later after a snack or rest)
  5. On Photo-day we will have instructions for the parents on how to get to our website with the password to get into the gallery.
  6. The images will be uploaded within 24 hours on the last day of the photo-day(s).
  7. If anybody has any questions they may contact us. We will also make sure you have plenty of cards on hand with the password and instructions.
  8. Everything is ordered online and shipped directly to the parents.

What do we offer?

  • We have 5 packages and a la carte.
  • We also have key chains, coffee mugs, magnets, photo totes, and photo button to choose from for gifts or keepsakes.