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Senior Portraits


Choosing your wardrobe?


1.  Choose a Variety of outfits. It's a good idea to include both casual and more formal outfits for your senior portraits. You    choose a couple and let Mom choose one or two, that way everyone is happy.

2.  Your face should be the focal point of your portraits. Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints are usually the most flattering in portraits.

3.  Medium to dark clothes look the best on dark background.

     Medium to light colors look the best on lighter colored backgrounds.

     Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits.

4.  Traditional styles will stand the test of time and keep your portrait looking fresh for years to come.    

5. Some poses will show your shoes so don't forget to bring shoes and socks for each outfit that you plan to wear.

6. Busy patterns and loud colors can be very distracting in your portraits. Avoid large and bold patterns that might tend to draw attention away from your face.

Props can help to show your personality and record the types of activities you are involved in. Be sure to bring some of your own props to your portrait session. Here are some ideas:


  • Musical Instrument
  • Leather Jacket
  • Uniform
  • Hats
  • Sports Equipment
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Sunglasses
  • Pets

Some Final Tips:


Simplicity is the key to a successful portrait.

Long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended.

Coordinate your outfit from head to toe.

Darker clothes minimize body size.

Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group, don't mix lights and darks in the same outfit.

To assure a successful portrait, it is best to bring along several additional clothing choices and let Matthews Photography help you choose.

Don't forget to bring your jewelry, especially your class ring.

If you wear glasses, borrow empty frames from your eye doctor that matches your frames. This will help to avoid glare from your glasses.

You should wear your hair in your usual style. Guys should NOT have a fresh haircut. If you need a trim, have it done about a week before.

Get a good night's rest, relax and be ready for a great portrait session!

And above all else HAVE FUN!


Now you are ready for one of the most exciting days of your life. Call Matthews Photography at 502-437-3700 for a free consultation today!